chi sono

Why Plan(t)s?

About Me

Hi there, I am Giulia Barigelli,  a freelance social media manager based in Italy.

My greatest interest is for communication.

Anyone who is familiar with me is aware of my enormous prerogative—and my inability—to talk.

I turned my love of communication into a career, using social media to share people’s experiences and feelings.

From the design of the editorial plan, to the creation of content, to the administration of advertising campaigns on the platforms, I assist brands in communicating their identity on social media.

and Aldo

My cactus, Aldo, inspires me to work every day.

Like all cacti, it’s a “special” plant that can survive in harsh environments with little chance for other plants to flourish—unfriendly terrain, harsh climate, and irregular weather patterns. I promise that Aldo is resilient enough to face any calamity!

It’s with me despite having withstood car journeys, hail, falls, torrential downpours, and relocations.
But worry not—he now has a quiet place to live in the living room next to the window.

Actually, this merely stops it from releasing water and nutrients into the environment as a particular kind of defense against the outside world.

But the thing that most interests me about Aldo—and cacti in general—is that I’m not sure when it will bloom, but it will eventually.
In actuality, we all resemble cacti in some way.

In our personal and professional lives, we fight against external change while managing and adjusting to it.

Like cacti, we’ve learned to “wrap ourselves” in thorns in order to protect ourselves, but we also have a kind heart that can give unexpected flowers.

Feed your business

I prefer to think of ourselves as little plants that need to be taken care of.

If we are consistent and determined, everyone of us can grow and thrive, even on the internet, from small to meaningful daily actions.
This idea of personal growth is embodied by the distinctive cactus that stands in for the letter “t” in the studio’s name, “plants,” while also drawing attention to the word “plans,” which refers to the design and research element that forms the foundation of every communication endeavor.

Feed Your Business urges you to believe in your idea and to give it the time and room it requires to be successful.